Lessons and activities for celebrating Easter in P-2 classrooms

Easter is almost upon us. It has snuck up on me again this year and I’m a bit late sharing our Easter resources since many of you will be on holidays at the end of next week. However, there is still one week before the holidays, so you may still have time to use some of these lessons and activities. Enjoy!

All our Easter resources can be found in the Cultural Studies collection here. They include:

Interactive lessons ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard

and interactive story that encourages thinking about numbers in different ways

Easter Delivery — a story that gives children practice in finding combinations of numbers to ten.

The Bilby twins, Benny and Belinda, are excited to be making their first deliveries for Easter. Before they do, they must prove to Dad that they are capable of leaving the correct number of eggs for each friend’s family. Children help Benny and Belinda by working out what combinations of eggs could be delivered to the families.


an interactive story involving logical thinking and problem-solving

Dragona’s Lost Egg — a story that encourages the development of logical thinking and problem solving.

Dragona has lost her egg and turns to her friend Artie, owner of a Lost and Found store, for help. Artie is confident of helping her as he has many eggs on his shelves. He asks Dragona to describe features of her egg, including size, shape, pattern, and colour.  He uses a process of elimination to identify which egg might be Dragona’s. Children join in the process by choosing eggs with the characteristic described.


which egg is mine for problem solving and logical thinking in the first three years of school

Which egg is mine? — a game helps to develop logical thinking and descriptive mathematical language such as size, shape, colour and pattern.



Where are the Easter eggs - interactive lesson


Where are the Easter eggs?  — a lesson to teach children the meaning of positional words and to recognise them in print. Eight positional words are introduced: on, under, beside, between, in, in front, next to and behind.




Note that these interactive lessons are only available online. They are not downloadable. If you have purchased a resource or are a subscriber, log in to use them.

Printable literacy lessons and activities

a set of themed word cards for Easter

Easter Word Cards — a set of fourteen printable Easter-themed word cards. The set also includes two blank cards for you to add your own words.




two who am I stories for beginning readers at Easter

Who am I at Easter? — an Easter-themed caption book suitable for use with emergent or beginning readers. The printable book is available in two versions: the Easter Bilby, and the Easter Bunny. The stories feature children who dressed up as these characters for an Easter Parade.




prompts to stimulate writing at Easter

Easter writing prompts — five printable sheets to prompt children to talk and write about Easter.





acrostic poems are fun to write at any time of year, including Easter

An Easter acrostic template — a printable Easter acrostic poem template on which children can write their own Easter poems.




Printable lessons and activities in mathematics

Fill Mrs Bilby's wagon - a place value game for maths groups

Fill Mrs Bilby’s wagon — a game for maths groups — a game that provides opportunities for children to provide children with practise in subitising, adding, counting, finding missing addends, trading ten ones for one ten.




a domino game for learning fun in an Easter theme

Easter egg domino cards — a set of Easter-themed domino cards that can be printed and laminated for whole class, small group, and individual maths activities. The dominoes can be used to develop fluency in number with:

  • addition turn arounds
  • subitisation
  • missing addends
  • speed of recall


a game giving children practice in counting up and back to twenty

Collect the eggs — a game for maths groups —involves children in counting on and back with numbers up to twenty.




Other printable lessons and activities

a fun survey for data collection - do you celebrate Easter

Do you celebrate Easter? — a fun way to find out a little more about children and their family’s traditions and celebrations at Easter time. A simple yes or no survey is an easy way to collect data and record it as a picture graph.



a logic puzzle for young children with an Easter theme

Whose egg? — a logic puzzle — Three friends, three eggs, and three baskets. But which friend has which egg and which basket? Children read the story scenario and the clues, then use the information to deduce which friend bought which egg in which basket.




Have a wonderful Easter! Enjoy the lessons and activities!


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