• Where are the Easter eggs?

    Mathematics | Positional Words

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    Where are the Easter eggs? teaches children the meaning of positional words and to recognise them in print.

    Eight positional words are introduced: on, under, beside, between, in, in front, next to and behind.

    The words are presented in four sections.
    Section 1: Each positional word is illustrated and presented in print in isolation as well as in a sentence describing the position of the egg.

    Section 2: Each positional word is illustrated and presented in isolation.

    Section 3: Each positional word is presented in isolation. Children click on images which illustrate the position.

    Section 4: Children are presented with an image and the eight positional words. They click on the word that is illustrated.

    Two additional resources are available from within this resource as well as independently of the resource:
    Positional words flash cards — printable cards which present the same words and illustrations as used in this resource.
    How to make a treasure hunt — suggests an additional activity for teaching positional words.

    Note: While this resource can be accessed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer and displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

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