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    Easter Delivery is an interactive digital story that gives children practice in finding combinations of numbers to ten. It is suitable for use with the whole class on the interactive white board.

    The Bilby twins, Benny and Belinda, are excited to be making their first deliveries for Easter. Before they do, they must prove to Dad that they are capable of leaving the correct number of eggs for each friend’s family.

    Children help Benny and Belinda by working out what combinations of eggs could be delivered to the families.

    Children are challenged to consider how many eggs Benny and Belinda would deliver to their families.

    Information about bilbies is included in the resource.

    Some follow up activities can be accessed from within the resource, including:

    Easter Delivery – How to use this resource

    Benny and Belinda – Easter Delivery

    A Happy Easter Card from the Bilbies

    The Bilbies – Easter Colouring Page

    Note: While this interactive digital story may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimized when accessed on a computer.

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