Two new resources for K – 2 English and Maths

This is just a quick post to let you know that I have uploaded two new interactive resources to the collection this week. One is for counting and recognising numbers and words to ten. The other is for reading CVC words.

Count and Match

children count and match numbers and words to ten

Count and Match gives children practice in counting groups of objects to ten and matching the correct numeral and word to the number.

On each slide, children count the number of objects and click the numeral and word to match.

The outline of the box will turn green if correct and red if incorrect.

Children may keep trying until the numbers are matched correctly.

These are a few of the slides.

count and match numerals and words

count and match numerals and words

count and match numerals and words

Reading CVC words

Reading CVC provides children with practice in reading CVC words

Reading CVC Words helps children sound out, recognise and spell CVC words.

The skills used in reading these words can be applied to reading other words.

The resource consists of six sets of three CVC words, a review of all 18 words introduced and an additional 16 words to read and match.

Each set can be used as a single lesson or combined into longer lessons.

Each short vowel is encountered in three or four words. Each consonant, except q, is encountered at least once, at either the beginning or end of a word.

The title or beginning page for each set shows which words are covered in that set.

These are a few of the slides.

learning cvc words

additional cvc words to recognise

learning cvc words

Calendar updates

days in March to celebrate with these lessons and activities

days and events to celebrate in April with these lessons and activities

In addition to these two new resources, I have updated the links in both the March and April calendars for the new website.

To find these new and updated resources, simply follow the links, use the search bar, or sort the resources by latest.


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