• Collect the eggs – a game for maths groups

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    Collect the eggs – a game for maths groups involves children in counting on and back with numbers up to twenty.

    Children start by rolling a ten-sided dice to see how many eggs they begin with. They then roll the + or – 0, 1 or 2 dice to see how many eggs to add to or remove from their basket. The winner is the one to fill the basket first.

    While playing this game, children will be practising:

    • the count on and count back strategy
    • subitising how many they have and how many more they need
    • comparing numbers to twenty – who has more, who has fewer

    They will also be learning the friendship skills of getting along. While all games are good for learning social skills, children may question the fairness of the game since all may begin with a different number of eggs. In this way, the game also provides a wonderful opportunity for discussing fairness and being fair to each other.

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