readilearn is seven years old! Happy Birthday, readilearn!

images celebrating readilearn's birthday

Today, Thursday 24 August 2023, is readilearn’s seventh birthday. I think that’s something to celebrate. Thank you for joining our journey.

A birthday gift for you

To help us celebrate, we have a readilearn birthday gift for you.

For the next ten days, until Sunday 3 September 2023, three of our birthday resources are available to you, absolutely free.

personalise this interactive birthday resource for children celebrating birthdays in your class

Happy Birthday — an interactive resource to personalise (usually $2)

Happy Birthday is an interactive resource that can be personalised with the date, name and age of children celebrating their birthdays in your class. Click the music symbol to sing along with a birthday song. Choose “Print Page” to print a copy of the completed birthday certificate.

find little words using the letters of birthday

Make Words from the Word ‘Birthday’ (usually $2)

Make Words from the Word ‘Birthday’ is a fun activity to do as a class on the interactive whiteboard. Children choose letters from the word ‘birthday’ to make other words. Each letter can be used only once. Words can be entered into the box using the keyboard. Work can be saved for another lesson if desired.

8 different birthday resources to download and print

The Birthday Bundle (usually $2.50, or $7.50 if purchased individually)

The bundle includes the following 8 birthday-themed printable resources in one easy-to-download folder (note they are only free when downloaded as part of the bundle).

birthday-themed word cards for word walls

Birthday word cards

Birthday Word Cards is a set of twenty-five printable birthday-themed word cards. The words are arranged in alphabetical order and can be displayed that way or cut and rearranged for use in other activities.

Birthday-themed Word Search

Birthday word search

Birthday Word Search is a fun activity with twenty-five birthday-themed words hidden in a grid for children to find. The sheet could be used as a “special” activity for the birthday child, or as a reward or follow-up activity when discussing birthdays as part of the class program.

happy birthday badges with a cake on each one

Happy birthday badges

Happy birthday badges are great to print and personalise to make the birthday child’s day just that little bit more special. Laminate the badges and present one for the birthday child to wear so everyone knows it’s a special day.

a card with a birthday cake and candles to cut and paste

A birthday card to personalise

A birthday card to personalise is a lovely printable Busy Bee themed card that can be used to wish children a happy birthday on their special day. Children complete the card and stand it on their desk or display it in a special spot throughout the day.

a calendar of months for recording birthdays

Busy Bee Birthday chart

Print this Busy Bee Birthday chart onto A3 card, laminate it, and write in the names of children whose birthdays fall in each month. Better still – invite the children to write in their own names and dates. Use it to schedule birthday celebrations, for learning the months of the year, or to compare ages.

a template for making a party hat

Party hat template

Children can use this party hat template to make a decorate a party hat of their own.

colourful flowery border for notepaper

Little Koala’s Invitation Notepaper (colour)

Children can use the notepaper for writing invitations and thank you notes for their own real or hypothetical party.

a fun 9 square puzzle with birthday images

9 square birthday puzzle

This 9 square birthday puzzle is a fun activity for birthday children to complete on their special day. Simply print, cut to separate the pieces and challenge the children to see how quickly they can complete the puzzle.

Thanks for helping us celebrate readilearn’s birthday.




  1. Norah Colvin
    August 28, 2023

    Thanks, D. 🙂

  2. DGKaye
    August 29, 2023

    Happy Birthday Readilearn! And what a generous gift! 🙂 xx

    • Norah Colvin
      August 29, 2023

      Thanks so much, Debby. It seems unreal for readilearn to be 7 years old.

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