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    Birthday Word Cards is a  set of twenty-five printable birthday-themed word cards.

    The words are arranged in alphabetical order and can be displayed that way, or cut and rearranged for use in other activities.


    • Display as a reference when writing about birthdays.
    • Use in activities that require children to arrange words in alphabetical order.
    • Give each child a word card and challenge them to see how quickly they can line up in alphabetical order without speaking.
    • Allocate random work partners: Print two copies. Distribute pairs of words and have children find their partner.
    • Make lists of words that rhyme with some of the birthday words and compose rhyming sentences and stories.
    • Order the words according to the number of letters or syllables.
    • Discuss singular and plural forms of the words.
    • List and use other words in the family; for example, friend, friendly, friendship; wish, wishes, wishing, wished.

    While it is not expected of them, children often learn to recognise these words quickly as the topic is one of high interest. Using the word cards in activities such as these supports their learning.

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