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    Syllable Sorting Cards is a set of 72 printable cards. Each card has an image of a word with one, two, three or more than three syllables. There are also 4 heading cards for organising the sort or creating a display.

    The syllable sorting cards may be used to consolidate learning from the Fun with Syllables interactive lessons or in other activities.

    Print, cut and laminate the cards for durability.

    Teaching ideas are included in the resources. Suggestions include:

    Clap the Syllables

    Hold up a card. Ask the children to identify the image, then clap the syllables.

    Sort the Syllables

    Give a selection of cards to children working individually, with a partner or in a small groups and have them sort the cards according to the number of syllables in the word illustrated. If there discussion about the number of syllables in the word; for example chick or chicken, cupcake or cake, then children should reach an agreement on the word before counting the syllables

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