• On the farm Who am I?

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    On the farm Who am I? is an interactive digital story for use on the interactive whiteboard. It presents seven Who am I? puzzles in a farm scenario. As occurs on any farm, some animals, such as pigs and horses are domesticated,and others, such as frogs and rabbits, are wild.

    Children are presented with one picture and four written clues to help them identify each animal. They choose the correct response from the images provided.

    The repetitive text, incorporating basic sight words, and the picture clue support children’s reading of unknown words.

    The resource can be used as part of a unit of work about farms; or as a fun reading activity in the literacy program. It can also be used

    • to introduce Who am I? puzzles
    • to explain the structure of puzzles
    • to model writing puzzles
    • for writing puzzles collaboratively, and
    • as a reference for children’s own writing.

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