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    Let’s play interactive is a digital resource  for teaching the sight words I, put, on, my, go, going, out, to, play in the context of a girl and a boy getting ready to go out to play.

    The resource, designed for use on the interactive whiteboard, is suitable for use with the whole class or small groups.

    The focus of the resource is the story Going out to play. Each page repeats the phrase “I put on my…” as the children get dressed to go on their bikes.

    Five follow up activities provide additional practice in reading the sight words:

    • Follow instructions to dress the boy
    • Follow instructions to dress the girl
    • Match words and pictures
    • Identify the spoken word
    • Identify the spoken sentence

    Provide children with additional practice in recognising the sight words by involving them in writing their own texts using the structure “I put on my …” . They could write about what they put on to go out to play, to go to school or a special event. They could write about what story characters wear.

    Accessible from within the resource are four printable booklets related to the story and a spinner game for additional practice – great for reading groups.

    Note: While this resource may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer.

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