New lessons in matching numbers that add to ten

balloons with numbers on them

This week I have uploaded a new resource Find pairs that add to 10.

a bunch of balloons and some words

The resource gives children practice in adding pairs of numbers that total 10. It assumes that children already know and are practising the addition facts.

There are ten separate slides or lessons which can be used in any order and many times. The lessons work like a memory game, but instead of turning over cards, children select balloons.

Lessons 1 – 5 present balloons of various colours. The colour and arrangement of numbers varies from lesson to lesson.

coloured balloons

Lessons 6 – 10 have balloons of the same colour, making it a bit more challenging for children to remember where the numbers are.

red balloons

Children select balloons to reveal their numbers. Only two balloons can be selected at a time.


If the balloons do not add to ten, they must be clicked again to turn them back so a new pair can be selected.

If the balloons add to ten, the addition sentences appear in the list ‘Our pairs’, and the balloons float away.

balloons and add sentences totally 10

When all the pairs have been found, children are congratulated on their work.

a congratulations message

Work can be saved, if required, to complete in a subsequent lesson, or it can be erased to start again.

It is suitable to use in a whole class lesson or as a group activity.

I hope your children have fun as they practise their addition facts to 10.

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