About the new resource Make words using letters in ornithorhynchus

Today I want to tell you about a new interactive resource I uploaded last week Make words using letters in ornithorhynchus. It’s actually six resources in one as it includes five printable sheets.

platypuses and the work ornithorhynchus

The inspiration for this resource came from a game which I used to play as a child.

When we were children, my siblings and I had fun challenging each other to be the first to learn to spell long words like ornithorhynchus and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Then we loved to have competitions to see who could make the most words using the letters of those longer words. We would set the timer and list as many words as we could. When the time was up, we would compare and check our word lists. Words that others had found were eliminated from the count and longer words would score more points. For us, it was just fun, but we were learning at the same time. As well as spelling, we learned to create, set and follow rules, challenge ourselves and others, and compete fairly.

Make words using letters in ‘ornithorhynchus’ aims to capture that same sense of fun for children while they are learning. It is a great whole class or small group activity to use on the interactive whiteboard.

Children choose letters from the word ‘ornithorhynchus’ to make other words. Each letter should be used no more than the number of times it appears in ornithorhynchus.

Letters are dragged onto the green mat to form words. Words can also be entered into the box using the keyboard. Work can be printed and/or saved for another lesson if desired.

a page with platypuses and letters

The five additional printable sheets included with the resource are:

  • Ornithorhynchus word list: a list of words that can be made using the letters.

a list of words

  • Make words from ornithorhynchus: a sheet on which children can write the words they find.

a sheet with lines for writing words

  • Ornithorhynchus crossword: a crossword using words about the ornithorhynchus.

a crossword puzzle

  • About the platypus: an information sheet about the platypus, also known as the ornithorhynchus.

information about the platypus and a photo of a platypus

  • A Very Funny Animal – a poem about the ornithorhynchus.

a poem and a photo of a platypus

Other than the poem, these sheets are only available as part of Make words using letter in ornithorhynchus.

I hope you and your children enjoy these activities which develop literacy skills, including word knowledge, spelling and reading poetry, and science knowledge about the platypus.




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