Love me, Love my ADHD by Chrissie Davies – a review

Love me, Love my ADHD by Chrissie Davies – a review

Today it is my pleasure to review a beautiful new picture book Love ME, Love my ADHD written by Chrissie Davies, illustrated by Trish Burton and published by Chaos to Calm Consultancy. This post is part of a Books on Tour promotion.

About Love ME, Love my ADHD ­– the blurb

Love Me Love My ADHD cover

For ages 5 – 12

ADHD kids are pretty amazing! They have a special way of thinking that’s different from their neurotypical friends, which can sometimes make them feel like they don’t fit in. But don’t worry; with the right support from family, friends, and peers, ADHD kids can do incredible things!

Welcome to the world of Clancy and Tully – they see the world a little differently and in the most amazing ways!

Love Me, Love My ADHD is a heartwarming book that shines a light on the world of children (and families) living with ADHD.

Focusing on the strengths and challenges that come with being an ADHDer, this book emphasises that ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all experience and that no two ADHDers are the same.

Even on their hardest days, our ADHDers have something valuable to offer, and we should always celebrate our differences. Now you can spend a day in the life of these kids and see how their family, friends, and peers support them to achieve their best.

Written by child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies and illustrated by Trish Burton, Love ME, Love My ADHD encourages families, educators, and, most importantly, children to understand this complex neurotype and how it presents itself in the human brain.

Includes strategies and resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

About author Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies author and consultant

Chrissie Davies is a child behaviour expert, trauma informed educator, consultant, writer, guest speaker, loving mama of two, and passionate advocate for understanding neurodivergent children. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live their life with radical acceptance, curiosity, playfulness and a bucket load of love. She lives with her husband and young family on the Surf Coast of Victoria.

Chrissie can be found at her website: and on social media at Facebook Instagram. 

About illustrator Trish Burton


Trish Burton is a Melbourne based artist, illustrator and educator with a dedication to inspiring creativity in others and creating artworks and illustrations that captivate audiences and set brands apart. She skillfully manages to add a little piece of her magnetic personality to all she creates through her love of pattern and colour. Trish is an Artist, Illustrator, Educator and lover of everything creative!

Trish can be found at her website: and on social media on Instagram.

What I like about Love ME, Love my ADHD

The vibrant colours and energetic illustrations are immediately captivating, and the opening text invites us to enter to find out about the world of ADHDers, telling us it may not be what we expect.

Love Me, Love my ADHD opening text

By getting to know Clancy and Tully and their family as they move through their typical day at home and at school, we learn how they are like us and how their needs and responses to situations may be different from ours.

The text is warm, generous, accepting and supporting. It encourages understanding, empathy and friendship. What it means to be an ADHDer is explained with honesty and compassion and helps the reader understand and respect difference in abilities, needs and responses. We come away from the book with a good understanding of the needs of children with ADHD and how they can be supported.

Love Me Love My ADHD responding to needs

The gentle explanations of how Clancy and Tully are supported by their family and teachers, present positive ways of responding to and catering for the needs of children with ADHD in our homes and classrooms. We are encouraged to view them in a positive light, appreciating their strengths, rather than in a negative light through a deficit model focussing on weakness and difference.

At the back of the book, there are additional messages, one to families and another to educators of children with ADHD, providing words of support that are even more explicit than those in the story.

The final words to educators, I think, are especially important to keep in mind, not only when working with children with ADHD, but at all times:

“You may not know it right now, but your perceptions of me will shape my life in many ways.”

Let those words be positive ones to encourage us to always look for, find and encourage the best in all we encounter.

This book is a must for all families and classrooms, especially those with children with ADHD. There are few of us who don’t know someone who is, or has, an ADHDer at home or at school.

Love Me Love My ADHD cover

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  1. robinettercleave
    June 14, 2023

    This sounds FABULOUS!

    • Norah Colvin
      June 14, 2023

      It is, Robin. It’s a very honest and compassionate insight into what it means to be a child with ADHD.

  2. Chrissie Davies
    July 10, 2023

    Thank you for your wonderful review! I am so glad you loved the book & recognise the importance of its content for changing the way we view ADHD kiddos & families.🤣

    • Norah Colvin
      July 10, 2023

      Thanks for popping in, Chrissie. I’m pleased you enjoyed my review. I enjoyed your book. It is very important in our current world.

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