Celebrate National Superhero Day on 28 April

The purpose of National Superhero Day on 28 April is to honour all heroes, real and fictional, who serve and protect, and often risk their lives, to keep us safe.

We see many real superheroes in the world around us — firefighters and paramedics, police officers and security guards, doctors, nurses and researchers.

Who else can you and your children add to the list?

Sometimes, it is the contribution of everyday heroes who come to our aid in time of need that goes unnoticed. It shouldn’t.

Here at readilearn we have resources ready to help you turn all your children into friendship superheroes.

Friendship scenarios - discuss what friends would do

Friendship Scenarios — Discussion starters

Friendship Scenarios – Discussion starters presents a range of everyday situations that children may encounter and asks them to contemplate and discuss how they would respond in a friendly way using their Friendship Superpower.

Ten scenarios are included in the resource, each presented on its own page which can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard to begin the discussion. Alternatively, pages can printed for display in the classroom or combined into a booklet.

Discussion should include:

  • feelings – how you would feel and how the others would feel
  • responses – friendly actions and solutions
  • what you might do if you were in the situation and needed help

A blank page is included on which you can record other situations children encounter.

posters for teaching friendship skills

Friendship superpower posters

Friendship superpower posters is a series of eight posters and a chart heading that supports other resources in the Friendship Superhero suite for use when teaching friendship skills in an early childhood classroom.

Each set of eight posters presents four different friendship statements, each accompanying a girl image and a boy image. The phrases are:

  • Friendship is my superpower! Who can I help today?
  • Be a Friendship Superhero. Turn the sad to glad.
  • Unleash your friendship superpower!
  • I am a friendship superhero, spreading smiles wherever I go.

The posters can be displayed individually on the whiteboard to stimulate discussion or printed and displayed in the classroom.

Friendship Superheroes to write and draw

Friendship Superheroes

Friendship Superheroes supports other resources in the Friendship Superhero series.

These printable sheets give children an opportunity to write about ways in which they show kindness to others by being good friends.

Children can list their friendly actions or write about an incident in which they were called upon to be a good friend, or perhaps benefitted by the friendship of another.

Friendship superhero award for showing friendship skills

Friendship Superhero Award

Friendship Superhero Award supports other resources in the Friendship Superhero series. The awards can be printed and distributed to children who show kindness to others.

friendship superhero badges to encourage children to use friendship skills

Friendship Superhero badges

Friendship Superhero badges support other resources in the Friendship Superhero suite of resources. The badges can be printed and distributed to children as either incentives or rewards for being kind to others.

Teachers, I hope you didn’t forget to add yourselves to the list of superheroes! Parents too!




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