Storytelling with Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake

Storytelling with Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake

Storytelling with Michael’s Rosen‘s Chocolate Cake suggests ways of turning kids onto storytelling and for developing their expression when reading or telling stories.

Children love Michael Rosen’s story Chocolate Cake as much as Michael Rosen loved chocolate cake.

In the story from when he was a boy, Michael sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night and eats all of the remaining chocolate cake, leaving not a skerrick for a lunchtime treat.

Michael tells the humorous story with expressive voice and face. Children laugh out loud as they recognise themselves in the story, and beg for it to be retold, often spontaneously joining in with the telling.

After a few repetitions, children are confident enough to retell the story independently, imitating many of Michael’s humorous gestures and intonations.

The story can be used to stimulate discussion and writing. Children’s innovations would make great pieces to perform for parents or at school assemblies.