It’s a Kind of Magic Teacher Notes

It’s a Kind of Magic Teacher Notes

These notes are compiled to assist your use of It’s a Kind of Magic, Stories and Spells by Second-Rate Sorcerers in the classroom.

Reading aloud by the teacher and opportunities for children to read independently are an essential part of each school day when teaching the English Curriculum.

The stories and poems in the anthology are short and can be incorporated in the program or turned to when a diversion is needed to settle the class or when there a few minutes wait-time between lessons and activities.

The stories and poems are listed under the following headings so that you can easily find a story or poem that features particular characters, settings, events, themes or language features you are teaching.

  • Poems and Rhyming Stories
  • Stories and Poems with Spells
  • Settings
  • Characters
  • Story Events and Themes
  • Language Features (such as rhyme, onomatopoeia, alliteration, similes and metaphors)