Author Spotlight — Allison Paterson

Author Spotlight — Allison Paterson

Meet ex-teacher-librarian, Australian author Allison Paterson.

Allison has an enduring interest in Australian history and military service. She is inspired by the courage and sacrifice of her ancestors every day, and honouring the service of all members of our armed forces is very important to her.

In this interview, Allison discusses her non-fiction picture book Australia Remembers: Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and War Memorials that explains the origins and significance of Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, including traditions and symbols. She explains why it is important for these days to be commemorated.

Although information is detailed, it is shared in such a way as to make it both interesting and accessible to young readers.

As well as supporting the history curriculum, Australia Remembers can be used when discussing features of non-fiction books.

Read Allison’s book to your children and share information about her writing process to inspire writing of their own.

Print the interview to display in the classroom or include in a class book about authors and illustrators.