• Turtle tens and ones

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    Turtle tens and ones is a sheet of ten strips and individual turtles to print and laminate for turtle-themed maths work. Great for groups.

    Use for:

    • counting
    • comparing numbers
    • place value
    • addition and subtraction
    • sharing
    • making equal groups

    Use the turtles for developing understanding of place value and playing place value games by trading ten individual turtles for a strip of ten turtles.

    Use with the Placemat for turtle number stories for telling addition and subtraction stories.

    Scroll down for other turtle-themed resources,¬† including Ten Tiny Turtles a lesson ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard, Turtle dominoes, Placemat for turtle number stories, Turtle dice, Let’s find out about Sea Turtles¬†a non-fiction science text, and more.

    Note: This resource is also included with the interactive digital resource Ten Tiny Turtles.

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