• Count with Teddy Bears

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    Count with Teddy Bears — Lessons in beginning number concepts ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard.

    It includes five sections:

    Count Teddy Bears — Counting in ones from 1–12.

    Children click on each Teddy to count. As it is clicked, the Teddy is coloured, and one is added to the total.

    Teddy’s Cupcakes — One-to-one matching up to 10.

    Children count the Teddies. They estimate if there are enough cupcakes for each Teddy to have one. They drag a cupcake to each plate until the Teddies have one cupcake each.

    Subitising Teddies —Recognising by sight and without counting, how many in a small group of up to seven.

    There are twenty slides with up to seven in each group. The slides are displayed in random order each time the lesson is accessed.

    Share the Cupcakes—Equal shares.

    Children share the cupcakes so that the Teddies have the same number of cupcakes each. They drag the cupcakes to the Teddies’ plates. Sometimes, there will be cupcakes left over.

    Use the keyboard to write the correct numbers in the boxes.

    Who has More? — Comparing numbers to ten.

    Children look at the Teddies and the cupcakes and decide who has more.

    When they click on the Teddy who has more, a grid appears.

    Children move the Teddies’ cupcakes onto the grid to confirm who has more and how many more.

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