• The Clever Children

    Character development | I can do it

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    The Clever Children is a readilearn exclusive story which can be displayed and read on the interactive whiteboard. It assists the establishment of a supportive classroom environment with concepts focusing on an “I can do it” growth mindset and the friendship skill of getting along.

    The story tells of a kingdom that a nasty witch has put under a spell, causing the people to forget everything they knew. The king comes to a class of clever children he has heard about (your class) and asks them to help him by teaching the people of the kingdom all the things they forgot.

    They do of course. The kingdom is returned to its former glory and a wonderful celebration is had. (You’ll have to read the story to find out what happens to the nasty witch.)

    In the printable version (included) each child illustrates a page to show something they are good at. These are then included in the book and you have a wonderful class book that celebrates each child’s abilities.

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