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    Ten Tiny TurtlesInteractive is a lesson in addition ready for use on the interactive whiteboard.

    The interactive lesson provides practice in adding numbers to total up to ten.

    The lesson includes a stimulus number rhyme Ten Tiny Turtles.

    Each number to ten has its own page for arranging combinations and recording number sentences.

    Children click on the nest to ’hatch’ a turtle and then click and drag the turtle onto the sand or into the sea. They repeat until they have the correct number of turtles.
    They place some turtles (or none) on the sand and some (or none) in the sea, then tell the number story to describe the picture; for example, ‘There are three turtles on the sand and four in the water. That makes seven turtles in all.’

    The number sentence can be written in the box marked ‘Write here’.

    Childen move the turtles into different arrangements, tell the matching number stories and write the new number sentences until all possible combinations have been found.

    It is not necessary to complete all screens in one session. To save your progress and finish a session at any time, click ‘Finish for now’ at the bottom of each screen, then ‘Finish for now’ on the choices screen.

    To continue the next session where you left off, choose ‘Resume’ when returning to the resource.

    Additional printable resources that support use of this interactive lesson can be accessed from within the resource or independently in the readilearn collection.

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