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    Classroom Management | Letters to new children

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    Letters presented to new children at the end of the year are a great way of ensuring they return to school in the new year confidently and feeling welcome.

    Are you one of those lucky teachers who know who their students will be in the new school year before the current year finishes? Maybe you even get to meet them.

    If so, why not present them with a letter of welcome. It immediately establishes a positive relationship and helps childen feel valued.

    This zip folder contains two version of the same letter. One version is a Word doc to which you can add children’s names on the computer before printing. The other is a PDF which you can print and then handwrite on the details.

    Suggestion: If you do get to meet them, why not take a photo of them? Also ask them to draw a picture of themselves and write their names and something they like on it. The picture and writing will provide an indication of their development, and the photo will help you begin the new year being able to put names to faces. That’s a big plus in classroom management.

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