• Interactive 9 square turtle puzzle

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    This interactive 9 square turtle puzzle for use on the interactive whiteboard works like any other 9 square puzzle, with 9 puzzle pieces arranged in a 3 x 3 grid.

    Drag and drop the puzzle pieces onto the mat to complete the puzzle.

    The picture-pieces on the side of each square must match to make a whole.

    It is easier to complete than paper or cardboard puzzles as the pieces are already correctly orientated and do not need to be rotated. However, it is still quite challenging to complete and may require a number of attempts.

    While a great whole-class introduction to the readilearn printable 9 square turtle puzzle, this resource can be used to explain 9 square puzzles in general.

    Used with the whole class or small groups, it provides opportunities for problem solving, discussion, and development of vocabulary related to position; including: left, right, top, bottom, middle, centre, above, below, between.

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