• Collect the treats — a place value game for Halloween

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    Collect the treats is a place value game to play in maths groups. It keeps the children learning while they have some Halloween fun.

    The object of the game is to be the first to collect 10 bags of treats — 100 all together.

    Everything you need is included — simply print, cut and laminate.

    All you need to add is a dice.

    Children take turns to roll the dice and collect the number of individual treats shown on the dice.

    They place the treats on the ‘Individual teats’ (ones) side of the game board.

    When they have ten or more individual treats, they must swap ten treats for a bag of ten treats which they place on the ‘Bags of treats’ (tens) side.

    The first to collect 10 bags of ten treats (100) is the winner.

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