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    Goldilocks sight words is a list of 52 essential sight words that appear in the estory Goldilocks and her Friends the Three BearsIts use will be most effective when children are already familiar with the estory.

    The words are presented in a format that can be printed and made into booklets to support children’s learning.

    For fluent reading, it is essential that children are able to recognise frequently occurring words by sight. However, it is easier and more beneficial for children to learn these words when they are presented in context.

    When the booklets are made, the words are presented in isolation first. If the word is not recognised by sight, the child can turn over the page for a picture and sentence clue from the story. While this format scaffolds children’s independent practice, most benefit is gained through working with a parent, teacher aide, buddy or peer.

    Children should not be expected to learn all fifty-two words in one go. It is best to organise the words in booklets of up to ten to twelve words. When all the words in each booklet are known, a booklet with the next set of words can be given.

    In the resource, the words are presented in the order in which they appear in the story. It is not necessary for them to be presented in the same order to children.

    A checklist of the Goldilocks sight words is also available. If this is used prior to distributing the booklets, their contents can be adjusted to suit individual children’s learning needs.


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