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    Egg cards is a collection of 48 pictures of eggs.Each egg is unique and differs from others in various ways, including:

    • Shape (round and ovoid) Note: ovoid is a 3D shape, oval 2D.
    • Size (big and little/large and small)
    • Colour
    • Pattern (plain, striped, and spotted; including size of spots and thickness of stripes)

    The cards are designed to be used with the interactive resource Which egg is mine? The activities support and extend logical thinking and problem solving strategies developed in the digital interactive story Dragona’s Lost Egg.

    The cards can also be used on their own for a Guess my egg card game; or for a variety of number, sorting and patterning activities.

    Suggested games and activities, suitable for transitions and maths groups, are included in the resource.

    Note: These cards are also included in the interactive resource Which egg is mine?

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