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    Apostrophes Please! is an interactive resource ready for use on the interactive whiteboard. It consists of a series of lessons and activities for teaching the correct use of apostrophes in both contractions and possessive nouns.

    It is not intended for a single lesson but for a series of lessons to be delivered over time to meet curriculum requirements or respond to student needs. Most benefit is to be gained through discussions between the teacher and students and from opportunities for children to practise, explain and demonstrate what they have learned.

    Contractions and possessive nouns are introduced separately in their own section.

    Both sections include three subsections, each consisting of a number of slides:

    • Learn — explanatory teaching slides introduce how apostrophes are used
    • Practice — interactive activities provide opportunities for teachers and students to discuss, demonstrate and explain how apostrophes are used
    • Check — a review of the use of apostrophes provides additional opportunities for practice, discussion and explanation to consolidate learning.

    A third section for use when both contractions and possessive nouns have been taught, provides an overview of both uses and opportunities for further practice.

    Note: While this resource can be accessed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer and displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

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