Keep the Children Learning Through the Holidays

As the holidays draw closer, parents often ask how they can keep their children entertained over the holidays. While screens can be an easy distraction, there are many other ways to keep children entertained and learning at the same time.

Here at readilearn we have some suggestions and handouts you can distribute to parents, or you could suggest they download the handouts for themselves.

You can find most of them in the Classroom Management — For Parents collection. They are all free resources and suggest ways of increasing the learning in everyday situations, mostly by being aware of the opportunities that arise incidentally throughout the day.

21 suggestions for maintaining reading momentum during the holidays

25 ways to keep the children thinking mathematically during the holidays

Let the children write! 20 suggestions for parents

Incorporate STEM learning into everyday activities- suggestions for parents

An A–Z of Holiday Activities for Families at Home

Keep the children learning at home during lockdown

On a Christmas theme

We also have a Christmas Activity Book with over 30 pages and 22 activities for just $3.50 and

a December Activity Calendar (free) with an activity suggestion for every day up until Christmas.

I hope you find these and other handouts for parents helpful. If there are other topics you would like included in the collection, please let me know.

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