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    Friends | Getting to know you

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    Children interview their friends to find out ways in which they are similar and how they differ from each other

    As children get to know each other, they come to realise that they have some characteristics in common with others, and they have some characteristics that differ. Those characteristics do not make them better or worse. They make them who they are.

    No matter how diverse the population, each shares many characteristics with others. No matter how seemingly uniform the population, each differs from others in many ways.

    Getting to know each other helps children develop an appreciation for both our diversity and commonality that we share.

    This resource includes suggestions for conducting two surveys: Me and my friends – Same and Me and my friends – Different.


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  1. Robin

    Love this survey! I will be using it for my L 1+2 ESL learners both for getting to know their classmates and for practising question form. Thank you, Norah!

    • Norah Colvin

      Thank you, Robin. That’s great to hear. I’d love to know how they go with it, and what questions they come up with!

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