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    Honey bees – Interactive is designed as a follow-up activity to the readilearn non-fiction resource Honey bees – ebook.
    In this version, a Bee Witch, jealous of attention given to the honey bees, has tried her hardest to ruin the book. To repair the damage, children are required to activate and employ their knowledge of honey bees and non-fiction text structure developed through use of the Honey bees – ebook.
    Both resources are designed for use in the science program when children are learning about living things, especially insects and minibeasts. The text includes information about features of honey bees and their life stages.
    They also have application in the literacy program when children are learning about features of non-fiction texts; including:
    Contents page
    Note: Be sure to choose the version you want as, when displayed, both look the same until the Next button is selected. In this version selecting the Next button activates the damage and a message from the Bee Witch.
    It is not necessary to repair the entire book in one sitting . It may be best to repair just one page in each session. The Contents page and Glossary are good starting places.
    When you are finished the session, select Finish for now to save your progress for the next session. Choose Resume when returning.

    Note: While this interactive digital resource may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimized when accessed on a computer.

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    When its honey stomach which holds only one-eyedropper s worth of nectar is full, the bee deposits the nectar into hive cells.

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