Wishing you a Happy Easter Holiday

  • Published on April 18, 2019

Happy Easter from readilearn

Wishing you a Happy Easter Holiday!

It’s Easter time again and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday, however you celebrate it.

I’ve been brought down by the flu and haven’t uploaded as many new resources for you as I’d hoped. However, there are many Easter-themed resources already available on readilearn and, now that you can purchase them individually, access is even easier.

Previous posts provide many suggestions to keep the learning in fun Easter lessons and activities, including:

Learning literacy and mathematics with Easter classroom activities

Easter holiday wishes (2017)

Delivery – just in time for Easter

Favourite Easter-themed lessons

and interactive story that encourages thinking about numbers in different ways: Easter Delivery

One of my favourite lessons is Easter Delivery: a fun story I wrote and produced as an interactive lesson to support the development of mathematical understanding of number combinations to ten.

This video tells you about it.


Of course, there are many other fun lessons and activities too; including:

which egg is mine for problem solving and logical thinking in the first three years of school

Which egg is mine? another interactive activity that helps develop logical thinking and use of mathematical language including size, shape, colour and pattern.

collect the eggs a fun game developing understanding of numbers to twenty

Collect the eggs: a game for maths groups is a printable game that helps to develop understanding of numbers to twenty by adding and subtracting small numbers.

who am I Easter caption book for beginning and emergent readers Easter

Who am I at Easter? is a set of printable caption books for use with emergent and beginning readers. Children read the clues to identify the Easter character.

There are many other lessons and activities too. Check them all out in the Easter-themed Cultural Studies teaching resources.

introducing new resources on readilearn

And just for fun, I have made two new free activities which you can access immediately by clicking the titles:

Match the Bilbies: In each set of eight bilbies, only two are the same. Can children identify them?

An Easter Acrostic template: A printable template on which children can write their own acrostic poem about Easter.

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    Thanks so much, Christy. I think I’m on the mend at long last. Have a wonderful week!

    Thank you so much, Dimity. You have a wonderful Easter too! Hoppy days! xx

    Oh Norah, I sure hope you get over this nasty bug soon! Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter and hoping you will be better by the weekend <3

    Thank you for your kind wishes, Debby. I think (hope) I’m starting to improve. Yes, hopefully, I’ll be mended by the weekend with a couple of more days of rest.
    Have a wonderful Easter! xx

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