Welcome to our new Children’s Laureate

  • Published on March 11, 2022

Welcoming our new Children's Laureate Gabrielle Wang

This week the Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation announced our new Children’s Laureate for 2022-2023, Gabrielle Wang.

Gabrielle Wang is an Australian author and illustrator and our seventh Children’s Laureate. She was born in Melbourne of Chinese heritage. Her father is from Shanghai. Her maternal great grandfather came to Victoria during the Gold Rush.

Gabrielle has been an author for 21 years and has had 20 books published. She mainly writes for 8-12 year olds, but has written for older and younger children too. Her stories are a blend of Chinese and Western culture with a touch of fantasy.

You can find out more about Gabrielle on her own or the Australian Children’s Laureate’s website where Gabrielle has her own page.

Be inspired by Gabrielle’s journey in a video that can be viewed following this link.

The theme for Gabrielle’s term as Children’s Laureate is ‘Imagine a Story’.

She says,

“Your imagination is your most treasured possession and I want to encourage all children to use their imaginations regularly by reading, drawing and writing stories.”

What a wonderful theme.

In her two year ‘Follow the Dragon’ tour of Australia, visiting and conducting workshops in schools, galleries and libraries, Gabrielle has four key messages for children, parents and librarians:

  1. Exercise your imagination as much as possible by reading, writing and drawing.
  2. Read books by diverse authors about diverse cultures.
  3. Make your local and school libraries your favourite go-to places.
  4. Get inspiration for your own art or stories by visiting art galleries.

She says,

“Australia is such a culturally diverse country so I believe it’s important for novels and picture books to reflect this. We all deserve an opportunity to tell our own unique stories. Reading these books helps the reader see the world through the eyes of someone who is from a different culture or skin colour to their own. Seeing through their eyes, feeling their emotions, their fears and joys. This is what reading can do. We all need to feel like we belong, to feel proud of who we are.”

I think this is going to be a great two years with our new Children’s Laureate.

What is a laureate? Noni Hazlehurst explains in this video, or you can read more here.

Charity auction for flood victims

As you may know, many of us on the east coast of Australia from north of Brisbane to south of Sydney have been battered by a deluge of unrelenting rain and many areas swamped by floods the likes of which have not been experienced in living memory. I am one of the lucky ones, high and dry and unaffected.

One of the worst hit areas is Lismore in northern New South Wales and a local children’s author Zanni Louise has organised an online auction to raise money for the community. There are many wonderful items including book packs and original artworks, school visits and holidays, all donated and available for auction, far too many to list here. If you would like to help the community of Lismore rebuild and get something nice for yourself in return, please follow this link to the auction.

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    Hi Norah, Gabrielle’s attitude and dedication to encouraging children to be creative and read is most admirable. Thanks for sharing about her. I did know about the flooding and Gabrielle’s auction is a great idea.

    I agree with you about Gabrielle’s dedication to encouraging children to read and be creative. I’m sorry I didn’t know of her work before this, but am really enjoying one of her books now.

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