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  • Published on April 8, 2019

reading K-2 teaching resources can now be purchased individually saving teachers time and money

readilearn teaching resources for the first three years of school save teachers time and money with lessons ready to teach. More than just worksheets to keep kids busy, readilearn lessons and activities are designed to progress children’s learning.

Now available to purchase individually

Over the past few weeks, we have been working to make it easier for you to access readilearn teaching resources.  All readilearn resources are now priced for individual purchase, many with a $0.00 price tag. While a subscription is still the best value for money, being able to purchase resources individually means you can purchase what you want when you want to use it.

Resources across the curriculum

Resources are available across curriculum areas and include lessons in character development such as confidence and friendship skills. Many integrate learning from different subjects. Child-focused, engaging and connecting with experiences familiar to children, the resources develop language and thinking skills alongside learning in other subject areas.

Easy to use

Browse through the resources. When you see a lesson that’s just right for you and your class, add it to the cart and continue shopping or proceed to the checkout. Complete your details and, as a registered user, a record of your purchases will always be available on your accounts page.

Subscribers don’t need to go through the checkout process after the initial transaction. They have automatic access to all readilearn resources including downloadable printable materials and online digital interactive lessons. It couldn’t be easier than that.

Keep up to date

New resources are regularly added to the readilearn collection. Stay up to date with what’s new by following this blog published each Friday or by signing up to the newsletter published on the last day of each month.

We resume our schedule this Friday with a guest post by the Tech Teacher Jacqui Murray who explains Why Kindergartners Must Learn Technology. Don’t miss it.

Easter resources

 class survey of Easter celebrations     Easter word search, topic words and sight words

With Easter just around the corner, check out the readilearn Easter-themed teaching resources that keep the children learning while having fun, including two new resources just uploaded Do you celebrate Easter? and an Easter Word Search.

Teddy bear cards for sorting

I have also uploaded a new set of Teddy Bear Sorting Cards.

These can be used independently or for consolidation of lessons taught using the digital interactive lesson Teddy Bear Sorting.

an open-ended interactive activity involving children in sorting teddy bears

Need extra help?

If you have questions about teaching a particular concept, I am happy to suggest ideas.

If you are in Brisbane, Queensland, I will visit you at school to show you how to get the best use from readilearn resources.

If you need a resource but can’t find it in the collection, let us know and perhaps we can make something to suit your needs.

a free booklet explaining how to navigate the readilearn collection of K-2 teaching resources

Or, if you’d like a free copy of a booklet that helps you find your way around the website; for all this and more, email us at hello@readilearn.com.au.

Your feedback

We always appreciate your feedback and would love to know your thoughts about these changes.  Please let us know if you experience any difficulties navigating the site or accessing resources.

readilearn: teaching resources for the first three years of school
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