Supporting an ‘I can’ attitude with The Clever Children

  • Published on June 17, 2022

Support an I can do it growth mindset attitude with the fun story The Clever Children

Fostering self-esteem, a willingness to have a go and an ‘I can’ attitude was always important to me as both a teacher and a parent. These are important aspects of any supportive environment, whether in the home, in the classroom or in the workplace. I have written many posts and made many resources to help you develop a supportive classroom environment. In this post, I feature just one — a story you can personalise for your own class.

The Clever Children is a story about a kingdom in which a mean witch has put a spell on all the people, causing them to be confused and to forget everything they once knew. The king, who has heard about a class of very clever children (your class) asks for their help in teaching his subjects what they need to know. Every child suggests something they are good at and writes and draws a picture of them doing it on a page for inclusion in the book. When the children have taught their skill, the king throws a great party in the castle to celebrate and, of course, the children are invited.

The story not only helps develop an ‘I can do it’ growth mindset, but it helps develop friendship skills too. It was one of the first uploaded to the collection and includes a diversity of children and abilities gorgeously illustrated by Kari Rocha Jones.

The story is available in two formats.

clever children a story about confidence to personalise

It is an estory, ready to be displayed and read on the interactive whiteboard.

The Clever Children printable booklet

It is also a booklet that can be downloaded and printed, ready to be completed with pages written by your own children.

While both these formats are available to purchase independently, if you purchase the estory, the printable version is included.

Also included with purchase of the estory:

The Clever Children developing an I can do it growth mindset

‘I can’ page for children to complete

The Clever Children estory for developing an I can do it attitude

Suggestions for using the story

the high-5 is a great strategy for children to use when encountering problems in the playground

Busy Bees High-5 charts

The ‘I can’ page and the teaching suggestions can also be downloaded individually, at no cost, to help you see how this story will support your teaching.

When I used the story with my class, each night a child would take the book home to read with their family. It filled the child with pride and gave them an opportunity to talk about school and their friends with their families. It was a real winner.

I hope you and your children enjoy reading The Clever Children and making your own version too.

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