Labels for organising children’s classroom supplies

Labels for organising children’s classroom supplies

Labels for organising children’s classroom supplies is a collection of signs and labels that may be used to help organise and store children’s school supplies in the classroom.

At the beginning of the year, some schools require children to bring in equipment required for the year. In addition to pencils and books, children may be required to bring in additional items such as paint shirts and tissues. Organisation and storage of these items can be problematic. Having a system planned before the year begins can make things easier, especially if you enlist the help of parents and carers on the first day.

Not only are most class tidy trays too small to accommodate all equipment required by children, many young children lack the skills to organise them efficiently. Storage of some items, including those not required immediately, is best done on shelves or in storage boxes.

Before children arrived on the first day, I would allocate shelf space for books not required immediately. I would have a basket for paint shirts and a storage box for boxes of tissues. I would also label a large resealable food storage bag for each child, which I would place on their desk with their welcome letter, desk name and other items. Into this bag would go their extra pencils, crayons and glue sticks. I would then collect these and store them in a box, arranged in the same order as the roll. That way, when children needed additional items, they were easy to find.

When parents were settling their children into the classroom on the first day, I would ask them to place their children’s items in the places indicated by labels (examples included in this resource). Parents were always willing to do so, and it made the collection and organisation process much easier. (Note: I also found it useful to keep a checklist of items each child had. Sometimes a helpful parent or teacher aide could complete this during the day.)

I hope you find these suggestions useful and help you get your year off to a wonderful start.

Happy teaching and learning!