Author Spotlight – Brenda Miles and Susan Sweet

Author Spotlight – Brenda Miles and Susan Sweet

Meet authors Brenda S. Miles and Susan D. Sweet as they talk about their picture book Cinderstella, a story about following your dreams and choosing your own destiny.

Cinderstella sees no prince in her happily ever after. She’d rather be an astronaut exploring space. Challenging the role of girls as portrayed in traditional fairy tales, Cinderstella determines to take control of her own destiny and be what she wants to be in a universe of unlimited possibilities. The story encourages girls, and boys, to take an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and break the limits imposed by gender stereotypes and biases.

Brenda and Susan share aspects of the writing process and discuss benefits of writing collaboratively. They advise “If you love writing, then write!”

Read the book to your children and use it as a springboard to inspire writing of their own.

Print the interview to display in the classroom or include in a class book about authors and illustrators.