readilearn: Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  • Published on December 29, 2017

We wish you and your loved ones a very HappyNew Year!

May 2018 be filled with love, good health, peace and joy.


Thank you for your support throughout 2017. We hope the year has been kind to you, and look forward to 2018 with hopes of even better times.

For a little inspiration at the end of the year and to get you started on the right foot in the new year, here is a wonderful talk by an amazing educator, Rita Pierson. If you’re ever feeling a little unsure about the difference you can make to even one child’s life, listen to Rita – she’ll tell you how important you are.

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    All best wishes to you Norah! May 2018 bring you and family, Readilearn and educators, children and adults, ongoing creativity and ongoing joy in reading and learning –

    Thank you so much, Susan. I very much appreciate your support and good wishes. I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and peaceful 2018. I look forward to continuing our conversations in 2018.

    Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement, Charli. It is much appreciated. Best wishes to you, too, for a happy, healthy and successful 2018!

    Hi Norah,
    Thanks for all the support you’ve given me as a children’s empowerment author in 2017.
    Wishing you and Redilearn all the best in 2018.
    Karen 🙂

    Thank you, Karen. It has been my pleasure to host you on the blog this year. Your books offer so much to readers, both young and old. I wish for you, all that you wish for, in 2018. I look forward to continuing our conversations in the new year.

Please share your thoughts. I love it when you do.

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