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  • Published on September 28, 2018

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In this post, I explain what readilearn is and how it works. There is more to readilearn than just this blog. In fact, this blog is just one small part of it.

readilearn is a collection of digital teaching resources designed for use with children from about five to seven years of age in their first three years of school. They are equally suited to the homeschool situation and for use with ESL students.

A freemium website, readilearn provides free support and resources for teachers in a variety of ways. However, some resources are exclusive to subscribers. The small annual subscription of just AU$25 reduces teachers’ workloads with lessons ready to teach and recognises and adds little to the expenditure many already occur in purchasing resources for their classrooms.

Resources are available across curriculum areas. Many provide contexts for integrating learning in fun and meaningful ways.

readilearn lower primary categories or subject areas

readilearn resources support teachers teaching and children learning by providing opportunities for discussions that promote thinking, collaboration and learning across the curriculum. Open-ended discussions encourage children to learn from each other as well as the teacher and to participate at their own level.

Resources include
  • original digital stories (estories)
  • interactive teaching episodes
  • open-ended problem-solving activities
  • readilessons (lessons ready to teach)
  • printable activities
  • teaching suggestions
  • notes for parents
  • and more.
Free from readilearn
The blog 

In posts published every Friday, readilearn provides teachers with

  • suggestions for lessons and classroom activities
  • discussion of issues relevant to early childhood education
  • information about new resources
  • interviews with authors and illustrators

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The Newsletter

In the newsletter published on the last day of each month, readilearn provides teachers with

  • an update on new resources added during the month
  • a review of blog posts, in case you missed them
  • a list of upcoming events you may wish to include in your planning

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Teaching resources 

In each readilearn category, there is a selection of printable resources that you can access and download free of charge.

There are also some digital resources that you can access online free of charge.

As you scroll through the resources in each category, the free resources are readily identified by looking at the top right-hand corner of the resource image.

free lower primary teaching resources from readilearn

To gain access to the free teaching resources, simply register by entering your name and email address.

Be assured that your email address will not be shared with others or used for any other purpose.

Benefits of subscribing

In addition to printable resources, the readilearn collection includes a range of digital stories and interactive lessons across curriculum areas ready for you to teach on the interactive whiteboard.

These lessons are unique to readilearn and are what set us apart from other teacher websites that offer only printable materials.

A subscription gives you access to all readilearn printable and digital teaching resources for a year from the moment you subscribe. Resources can be accessed when you are logged in.

subscribe now or click on the link or button on the Home screen, or on any resource.

Interactive lessons ready to teach on the interactive whiteboard

There are more than 40 lessons available for use on the interactive whiteboard, including estories (digital stories), readilessons (lessons ready to teach) and interactive lessons. Many provide opportunities for cross-curricular learning, particularly teaching literacy across the curriculum, while others focus on learning in particular subject areas.

over forty interactive lessons for the interactive whiteboard

The lessons cater for groups of different abilities by encouraging children to respond at their own level in discussions between teacher and children. Children learn from each other as well as the teacher.

When feedback is provided within the resource, it is positive and encourages a growth mindset by encouraging children to try again or to reassess the suitability of their responses.

introducing new resources on readilearn

beginning letters and sounds, an I spy game for the interactive whiteboard

This week I have uploaded another new interactive resource I spy something beginning with. It is great for revising initial letters and sounds and includes a separate slide and activity for each letter of the alphabet. The resource uses the same images as Alphabet flash cards and  Phonics — Initial Letters, Sounds and Pictures.

printable flash cards for teaching letters and sounds and the alphabetinteractive whiteboard resource for teaching initial letters and sounds

While, like most other interactive resources, it is destined for the subscriber-only collection, I will make it available to registered users for one week only, until 5 October 2018 – an opportunity for you to try out an interactive resource free. Please note: The interactive resources can be viewed on mobile devices but functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer.

Locating resources

Scroll through the resources in each category to see what is available.

The categories can be accessed in three different ways:

  • By clicking on the buttons or icons on the Home page
  • or on the Resources page
  • or by using the drop-down menu.

accessing readilearn lower primary teaching resources

You can narrow your search by using subcategories where available; for example:


readilearn lower primary literacy sub-categories

Or use the search tool when looking for a particular resource.

using the readilearn search tool

With over 300 resources, and more added nearly every week, there is much to explore.

To stay informed of new resources, you can:

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Follow us on social media:

Facebook: @readilearnteachingresources

Twitter: @readilearn

Instagram: @readilearnteachingresources

Our logo

readilearn teaching resources for the first three years of school

Our logo symbolises the importance of reading and learning to each individual, acknowledging that:

  • the individual is the central focus of education
  • reading is an essential skill that empowers learners
  • access to books and education is a right of all
  • learning is a life-long journey
  • learning is meant to be fun!
A commendation for readilearn is a fabulous site put together by an amazing teacher. Norah Colvin is absolutely passionate about education, in particular, the early childhood sector. Her readilearn website is well laid-out, easy to use, and jam-packed with some amazing ideas and activities for our classes. 

Her resources are practical, fun and are of top-notch quality. I prefer to think of Norah as a facilitator, a helper, a guide – someone who can “lead a horse to water’ and the horse can’t WAIT to drink! She creates fantastic original materials for young children – materials that encourage students to be mindful, creative, accepting of diversity, and to become life-long learners … and to have fun. Her resources help make the learning environment one in which the children really WANT to be! 

“You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.” ~ Vince Gowmon  (readilearn sure will help this happen!)

Robin Etter-Cleave, Brisbane, QLD

Read more about Norah’s teaching experience, educational publications and other commendations on the About page.


The content in this post is drawn from sections of a free introductory booklet. Click below to download your free copy.


introduction to readilearn - how to use


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gift subscription to early childhood teaching resources for the first three years of school

A readilearn subscription also makes a special gift to let early childhood teachers know their work is appreciated. Contact me for details.

readilearn: teaching resources for the first three years of school
Resources beyond worksheets – lessons for teachers made by teachers.
Let readilearn lighten your workload.


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