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    Whose egg? – a logic puzzle can be used with the whole class to introduce children to the steps involved in completing logic puzzles; or as an independent or buddy activity if children already know how to complete logic puzzles on their own.

    Three friends, three eggs, and three baskets. But which friend has which egg and which basket?

    Children read the story scenario and the clues, then use the information to deduce which friend bought which egg in which basket.

    Great for reading comprehension and creative thinking; and for collaboration in a paired activity!

    Logic puzzles are great for developing thinking skills, and they involve the use of other skills in an integrated way. They require children to:

    • read and interpret the information provided in each clue
    • determine which parts of the information are relevant and which can be ignored
    • relate new information from subsequent clues to what is already known
    • record details to make sense of data
    • understand and use the grid layout of a table
    • make deductions based on information rather than guesswork
    • think creatively.


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