• Who Has More?

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    Who Has More? is an interactive Halloween-themed resource for comparing numbers to ten.

    The resource provides practice in the following number concepts:

    • estimation
    • subitisation
    • counting
    • comparison
    • using the terms ‘more’ and ‘less’
    • addition
    • subtraction

    The resource presents a series of twelve slides for discussion. The richness of the discussion that occurs between teacher and children is what helps to consolidate children’s learning.

    On each slide, encourage children to:

    • estimate, without counting (using subitisation), who has more
    • count the number of sweets on each plate
    • compare the numbers of sweets to confirm who has more
    • use the terms ‘more’ and ‘less’ to compare the numbers
    • use subtraction or counting on to determine how many more the character has
    • use addition or counting on to determine how many sweets were collected all together

    While it is not essential for learning, after the discussion has occurred, children may click on the character who has more for confirmation.

    A follow-up worksheet for independent practice can be accessed from within the resource.

    Note: While this resource can be accessed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer and displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

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