• What do you know about Sea Turtles? A quiz

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    What do you know about Sea Turtles? is a quiz designed to complement the interactive non-fiction resource Let’s find out about Sea Turtles.

    The quiz is designed to aid teaching rather than to test knowledge. It consists of ten questions, the answers to which can be found in Let’s find out about Sea Turtles.

    The quiz allows multiple attempts at each question until the correct answer is provided. If both resources are open in different tabs, you can move between them to check for the correct response.

    With a variety of interactive question and answer types, the quiz is a fun way to review what children have learned about sea turtles. Each question provides an opportunity for discussion and investigation.

    Display the quiz on the interactive whiteboard and involve the whole class in providing the answers.

    It may take between ten and thirty minutes to complete the quiz, depending on the amount of discussion engaged in.

    Note: While this interactive digital resource may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimized when accessed on a computer.

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