• The Animal School – a story by George Reavis

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    The Animal School is a story written by George Reavis.

    In the story, the animals must study the school’s set curriculum that includes swimming, running, climbing and flying and achieve a pass in each. Few of the animals can do well in every subject. They have no opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, instead, they must practise what they are weakest at.

    The allegory, written in 1940, shows how little education, for some, has changed over the years.

    The story could be used to initiate discussions among teachers, as well as to encourage children to discuss topics, such as:

    • individual differences
    • diversity
    • inclusion
    • friendship.

    As the story was written in 1940, it is now in the public domain.

    The copy provided here is available for anyone to freely download.

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