• The Alphabet

    Phonics | Letters and Sounds

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    The Alphabet is an interactive resource for teaching phonics, letters and sounds and the alphabet. It is designed for use on the interactive whiteboard.

    In the resource, the alphabet is presented in three ways for different uses:

    • Automatic – The alphabet is played automatically. Children learn to recite the letters of the alphabet in order. They may say, or predict, each letter as it appears.
    • I’ll do it – You may click through the letters of the alphabet in order to allow time for discussion of each.
    • Random – Letters of the alphabet are presented in random order to provide children with practice in recognising the letters and sounds out of alphabetical sequence.

    Alphabet Flash Cards, which support teaching phonics and letters and sounds, can be accessed from within the resource or independently in Phonics Resources. The teaching ideas provide suggestions to support learning from this resource.

    Note: While this interactive digital resource may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimized when accessed on a computer.

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