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    Make a symmetrical name butterfly presents step by step instructions for drawing a symmetrical butterfly using PowerPoint.

    The readilesson, a lesson ready for presentation to your class, has application across curriculum areas; such as, technology, science, mathematics and literacy.

    Use the video for planning, or delivering, a lesson.

    If used to deliver a lesson, display the entire video initially, to provide an overview of the activity to be undertaken.  Use the recorded instructions or mute them and provide your own.  When replaying, pause the video after each step to give children time to follow the instructions.

    While the video demonstrates starting with a blank PowerPoint presentation, you may wish to prepare a  presentation for children to use: Open a blank presentation, choose a blank layout and A4 size; then name it; for example, My symmetrical name butterfly, and save a copy into each child’s folder.

    Depending on time available, the lesson may be completed in one or more sessions.

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