• Supporting beginning readers with Bullfrog’s Billabong

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    Supporting beginning readers with Bullfrog’s Billabong is a readilesson, a lesson ready to teach to groups of children. The lesson could be used to follow up a whole-class introduction to the Bullfrog’s Billabong story either as an interactive covered cloze activity or an estory. It could be a teacher or teacher-aide led literacy group activity. It is not designed for independent group work.

    The lesson notes provide a step by step explanation of the teaching strategy which can be adapted to any book. Teaching resources specific to Bullfrog’s Billabong are included and can be used to model preparation of your own sheets to use with other texts.

    The strategy, which helps develop an “I can read it” attitude, requires that children are already familiar with the story. It provides extra practice for children in the class for whom the text is slightly above their independent reading level.

    In the lesson, children listen to the story and when directed, select and arrange in order words or phrases from the story that have been printed on cards.

    When the story is finished, children read the words and phrases on their cards and paste them into their scrapbooks. The cards can also be used to prompt retelling the story, either orally or written.

    Also included is:

    • a sequencing activity for independent work
    • a cloze activity for children to complete independently or cooperatively in a group.

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