• What’s my shape? 

    Mathematics | Geometry

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    What’s my shape? is an activity for recognising and matching shapes.

    The interactive digital activity suits use on the interactive whiteboard. It helps children to recognise and match shapes, a part of spatial reasoning, and an important skill used in everyday activities from packing a suitcase and assembling furniture to large-scale construction.

    In this resource children match images of 3D objects with their 2D shadows.

    They click and drag the image of the object and drop it onto the matching shadow.

    The resource consists of five slides, each with six objects to match. Progress is saved as you continue through the resource.

    To save progress for another session, click “Finish for now, and choose “Resume” when returning.

    To delete saved progress and start the activity over, choose “Start again”.

    Note: While this interactive digital resource may be viewed on mobile devices, functionality is optimised when accessed on a computer.

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