• Let’s read, write and spell with Schuyler

    Writing | Phonics and Spelling

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    Teaching phonics and spelling using the names of children in the class adds fun and meaning to learning.

    This resource supports and extends suggestions included in Name games – teaching phonics, syllables and reading long words.

    Though the activities are based on Schuyler’s name, they are intended as examples only and can be easily adapted to the names of children in your class.

    Activities include:

    • Spelling Schuyler’s name using an innovation on the tune BINGO, as in this example.
    • Brainstorming words that start with ‘sk’, like Schuyler.
    • Grouping words according to the way sk is spelled; including ‘sch’, ‘sk’, and ‘sc’.
    • Writing stories inspired by discussion of words beginning with sk.
    • Discussion of rhyming words.

    And here is another name: Michael.


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