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    Pizza word cards is a set is of pizza-themed words that can be used as a reference for children’s writing. Display them on a word wall or print the four sheets onto one page to provide children with their own lists to add to their personal dictionaries.

    Add to the list words suggested by children; for example, favourite sauces, toppings, pizza shops and other related words, including ingredients if you intend to make your own pizza bases.

    Reading about fun and familiar topics provides a context to support children’s reading and developing word knowledge.

    In context, many children can recognise even long and seemingly “difficult” pizza topping words; such as capsicum and pepperoni.

    Understanding how words can be broken into syllables and then read using their existing letter-sound knowledge helps children when encountering long words. Refer to Name games – teaching phonics, syllables and reading long words and  Let’s read, write and spell with Schuyler for further ideas.

    Note: This resource is also included with the interactive digital resource What’s on your pizza?

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