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    Pizza graphs is a collection of signs that can be used as headings for displaying graphs made from data collected from children about their pizza likes and dislikes.

    One of the most important things to help learning and develop mathematical understanding when graphing is the discussion: counting and comparing– more, less, how many more, how many fewer?

    Do you like pizza?

    A simple yes or no graph to begin with.  If any children have not tried pizza, you could have a “don’t know” category.

    Note: Refer to Yes or No class surveys for other suggestions.

    Which sauce do you like on your pizza?

    The choices of sauce in The Pizza Place in the interactive resource What’s on your Pizza? are tomato (sometimes called pizza sauce) and barbecue.

    Create a graph to show which sauce is preferred by children in your class. You could make a living graph (children line up) or a picture graph.

    What is your favourite pizza?

    List, tally, then graph children’s favourite toppings.

    The resource also includes a small image of each of the fifteen pizzas from the interactive What’s on your pizza? These can be used as icons on the chart. Children could write their name alongside their favourite pizza or make a tally mark. The data collected can then be used to make a graph.

    Note: This resource is also included with the interactive digital resource What’s on your pizza?

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