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    Pizza- themed book covers for children’s writing is a collection of covers that can be printed and used to compile booklets of children’s writing.

    Suggestions for writing include:

    How to make pizza

    • Invite children to write their own instructions for making pizza. It will be fun to see what children already know and how they think pizza is made. Collect all the instructions together into a class book.

    Pizza Night

    Write a story about Pizza Night. Discuss things such as:

    • Do you usually eat pizza at home or at a restaurant? If at home, do you cook it at home, pick it up from a store, or have it delivered? If at a restaurant – which one?
    • Do you share or have your own?
    • What toppings are everyone’s favourite?
    • How does your family traditionally have pizza; for example, if at home do you have pizza after swimming or going to the park, do you have pizza while watching television?
    • How do your pets react?
    • What funny things have happened, or could happen, when you are having pizza?

    We like pizza

    Invite children to write a caption book about the pizzas enjoyed by their family; for example:

    • Mum likes mushrooms and bacon.
    • Dad likes meat lovers.
    • Abi likes ham and pineapple.
    • But I love pepperoni.
    • We all love cheese on our pizza.

    Alternatively, a book could include a page of each child’s favourite pizza.


    Write a menu listing children’s favourite pizza toppings.

    The Runaway Pizza

    Collaboratively compose a class story about The Runaway Pizza, based on The Gingerbread Man. It can be fun to do orally with each child in turn adding the next bit to the story. Or it can be written to model the process of writing a story.

    Note: This resource is also included with the interactive digital resource What’s on your pizza?

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